Monday, July 29, 2013

Scentsy is Opening September 1st in AUSTRALIA and MEXICO!!

My blog is seriously being neglected! I have been so busy that this is always overlooked! I feel terrible about it too.
I am so SO excited to share with you the exciting news about Scentsy opening up into AUSTRALIA AND MEXICO! It is going to be so fun to get to know so many of you in these parts of the world now too! I can't wait to hear how they love Scentsy as much as I do, and so many others as well. I was recently down in Indianapolis at the Scentsy Family Reunion (convention) and got to see so many of the new things coming into the new catalog this fall. Love it all! I also got to hear so many great speakers, meet new friends, spend time with old friends and even family members that are consultants too. Seems like that is the only time I get to see them is there.
The two brands that are going to launch in Australia and Mexico will be Scentsy Fragrance, which is the wickless warmers, wax, body and laundry care products. And also Grace Adele, the jewelry and hand bag line of products. Im sure they are going to love it.
If you know of anyone who lives in these two places that would love these products or would love to join as a consultant and be a part of my team, I would love to know! I want to share this amazing opportunity with them, let them know how this can change their life for the better and help them earn an income, let them stay at home with their children longer, help with bills, save for a family holiday, or even take it a step farther and make it into a very successful business. The possibilities are endless. But I do promise them that it will be a great decision, something they wont ever regret. So please pass on my info to them if they are interested. Who knows what this may lead to. It will be a fun journey, with free trips, annual family reunions, incentives of all kinds including those free trips and they spoil you rotten! This years trips are to Greece, Atlantis, and all expense trip to the family reunion in Saint Louis! So fun!

Here are my websites you can pass along: You can view the catalog on here too!

Megan Bourne
Star Director
403-894-6706 (cell )
Pictures coming soon!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring is in the Air!

Its that time of the year again where the new Scentsy catalog is about to come out! New scents are available and so many new and exciting things to see. Here is a sneak peak at some of the new warmers coming soon in the Spring/Summer 2013 catalog.


Another new line of Scentsy Buddies! some of the new Safari line of animals, new to the Scentsy family!

If you are wanting to buy any of the new products are to see more of them simply go to me website to view the new catalog or to see the discontinued items that will not be included in the new catalog.

To see the new 2013 Spring/Summer GRACE ADELE catalog go to my website
See the new bright bold new colors and to order!!