Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scentsy coming to the UK & Germany!!

Its official!! Scentsy has launched in the UK and Germany and  consultants are signing up right now!! Be one of the very first to become a Scentsy consultant and see just how BIG this company is and will effect your life in the best way possible!! Its so easy to do, just go to my website (  and click on JOIN MY TEAM (or click here!! to get there)!! You wont want to miss this amazing opportunity!!

Germany Scentsy Starter Kit (only €99 - VAT inclusive)
UK Scentsy Starter Kit (only £85 - VAT inclusive)  Getting started is simple!
Contact me for more information on how to sign up or with questions you may have.

Take charge of your future, join Scentsy today. Join Scentsy for only $99 US. Join Scentsy Canada for only $119. Join Scentsy UK for only £85. Join Scentsy Germany for only €99.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Scentsy coming to the UK & Germany April 2011!

Hey everyone, the latest news regarding the launch date for Scentsy is the UK and Germany is April 18th! I am so excited that this opportunity is going to new countries and can't wait to see the growth of this wonderful company! I simply cannot express the huge blessing this has been in my life and i want everyone to experience it for themselves. I love to watch new consultants get so excited and to see them become so successful in such a short amount of time! So keep looking back on my blog for any updates regarding the official launch for Scentsy in these wonderful countries!! I can`t wait to meet you and help grow your business and watch and help you become a successful Scentsy consultant! Please visit my website at and once scentsy has launched in your country go to my website to sign up by clicking on the JOIN MY TEAM icon! its that simple!

HOW TO JOIN SCENTSY: for just  £85-VAT inclusive in the UK or  €99-inkl. MwSt in Germany, plus shipping charges, Scentsy will send you a started kit that includes everything you need to launch your business!

When you join Scentsy in the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and Germany, in the Scentsy starter kit you will receive: 1 - full size Scentsy warmer, 1- mid sized Scentsy warmer, 50 scent testers, a warmer stand, 2 scentsy bars, 50 catalogs ( for the country in which the consultant enrolls), 50 each of the BUY, HOST, JOIN  brochures, host reward brochures, host guest list, host envelope, PYO labels, PYO business cards, order forms and a new consultant start-up guide.

Scentsy UK is where the next great opportunity to Sell Scentsy has presented itself. As a Scentsy Star Director, I am excited to announce that Scentsy is launching in Europe! We will host welcome meetings in the United Kingdom and Germany that will be open to anyone in those countries who wants to Join Scentsy. In fact, I hope new Consultants in the U.K. and/or Germany will be able to enroll as Scentsy’s first Independent Consultants in Europe at or before these meetings! If you live in the UK or Germany, please Contact me today to receive your invitation to attend one of the informational meetings we have scheduled. Just let us know which city meeting you would like to attend and I will get you everything you need in order to learn more about becoming one of the first Scentsy UK consultants.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in going to a Scentsy meeting please feel free to go!! This is a great opportunity to get to know Scentsy and see what its all about!! You won't want to miss it!

Scentsy United Kingdom Meetings


Saturday April 9, 2011 18:00-21:00

Renaissance London Chancery Court Hotel – 252 High Holborn London WC1V 7EN


Saturday April 9, 2011 18:00-21:00

Radisson Blu Hotel – 80 High Street, The Royal Mile Edinburgh EH1 1TH

Scentsy Germany Meetings

Mainz (Near Frankfurt)

Saturday April 9, 201 18:00-21:00

Das Atrium – Flugplatzstra├če 44, 55126 Mainz

Scentsy International Expansion FAQ

Q. Which European markets is Scentsy launching in?

A. Scentsy will initially offer products and the business opportunity in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Germany.

Q. When will Scentsy launch?

A. Scentsy executives will be visiting the U.K. and Germany the first week in April for “welcome meetings” with U.K. and German residents interested in learning more about Scentsy. We are developing all of the tools necessary to effectively launch in these new markets. Our planned launch date is in April 2011.

Q. Will anyone be able to join, or only existing Consultants?

A. Anyone living in the U.K. or Germany will be able to join.

Q. As a U.S. or Canadian Consultant, will I be able to sell and recruit in the U.K. and Germany?

A. Existing U.S. and Canadian Consultants will be able to sponsor in the U.K. and Germany, but will not be able to sell in these new markets. With the introduction of Europe to our Scentsy family we are introducing new business rules. New cross-border sponsoring agreements will be posted in your Workstation when we launch in April.

Q. Can Consultants who live in the U.S. or on U.S. military bases in the U.K. or Germany sell in those countries?

A. No. Consultants on U.S. military bases technically live in the U.S. for business and income purposes. However, if a U.S. or Canadian Consultant meets the requirements for enrolling as a Consultant in another country (that is, they have a work visa or other legal permission to work in that country), they have the option of submitting a Change of Country form. In this case, they will give up their right to sell in the U.S. or on U.S. military bases, but they would keep their existing downline.

Q. Will Scentsy sign up people who don’t have connections with a Scentsy Consultant?

A. No. All people interested in becoming Scentsy Consultants must join through an existing Scentsy Consultant. Just like in the U.S., a Consultant locator will be available to help people find a current Scentsy Consultant under whom they can join.

Q. What is cross-border sponsoring?

A. Cross-border sponsoring allows Consultants in good standing to sponsor new Consultants in other countries or regions.

Existing Consultants in the U.S. and Canada will be able to sponsor in the U.K. and/or Germany as long as they are in good standing with Scentsy. Likewise, Consultants in the U.K. and Germany will be able to sponsor in the U.S. and/or Canada.

Any Consultant who wants to sponsor in other countries will need to sign new “Cross-Border Sponsor Agreement” for the country they are interested in.

Q. What do I need to do to be able to sponsor in the U.K. and Germany?

A. Cross-border sponsoring agreements similar to the agreements we have in place for North American cross-border sponsoring will be posted in your Workstation when we launch in April.

Q: Will there be any cost involved if I want to sign a cross-border agreement, and if so, what is that cost?

A. Just as with Canada, there is a cost involved in completing a cross-border agreement. We don’t have confirmation yet about what the exact cost will be.

Q. Can I start advertising my Scentsy business in the U.K. and Germany?

A. Not until after the official launch. Legally, Scentsy cannot advertise in these countries until we are officially authorized to conduct business there. It is very important to create a positive brand experience and to research and follow the advertising laws and restrictions specific to each country.

Q. What about word-of-mouth promotion?

A. Yes! We encourage you to spread the word among your contacts via word of mouth and even social media sites—provided the social media sites are based in your home country.

Q. How do I go about finding people in the U.K. and Germany who want to sign up?

A. First, you must wait for the official launch to begin sponsoring in these new markets. Second, per the Scentsy, Inc. Policies and Procedures, Section 6.3.3 (U.S. version), you may not purchase email, phone, or direct mail lists to contact people you do not know personally. You are welcome to talk to your friends and contacts about becoming a Scentsy Consultant and if you choose, invite them to attend their local welcome meetings for more information.

Q. Can I register or reserve booths at fairs or shows to help a new Consultant start a Scentsy business?

A. No. Only local Consultants in those countries can register for an event. After the launch, and once you have established a downline in Europe, you may work with your downline and assist at these events, but you cannot reserve for, register, or sell at these events.

Join Scentsy in the UK & Germany

Join Scentsy in the UK and Germany to get in at the ground-level and experience the tremendous income potential earned by Scentsy consultants in the United States. Scentsy has grown by over 300% over its first 6 years, setting the stage for amazing growth in the UK and Germany.

If you have any questions regarding Scentsy or the European launch, or would like to ask me some questions about why you should join my award winning Scentsy team - TEAM RESCENTLY WICKLESS, please contact me and I will do my very best to get the answers for you!

I am so excited to welcome the UK & Germany consultants to our team ~ Team Rescently Wickless!

Megan Bourne

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sell Scentsy in the UK & Germany, today April 4th!!

Today is a spectacular day if you live in the UK and Germany!! If you have heard about Scentsy and want to join as a consultant, this is your opportunity!! Never before has anyone ever been able to sell Scentsy in these countries and now is the time to do it!! Take it from me, i was one of the first to join in Canada and it has been the best decision i have made! I love my job! I can work at my own hours, out of my home and I have so much fun meeting new friends, from all over the world now!! I am a stay at home mom and selling scentsy has been such a blessing in my life and I hope it will for each one of you that signs up to become a scentsy consultant! I would love to have you on my team and get to know you and help you become successful in this new, fun and exciting business. You wont want to wait another minute to join and then share Scentsy with all your friends and family!! Since Scentsy is so new over in the UK and Germany, this is the time you can build your team and watch your business grow! I want to help you become as successful as I have, and evern more!! In just 1 1/2 years after Scentsy came to Canada and me joining, I have gone from and escential consultant to a Star Director! You can do that too!! You will be amazed at the success of your new job and the growth it will have!! You wont regret this! Once you have gone to my website and clicked on JOIN MY TEAM i will send you an email welcoming you to my team and send you some helpful tips and information on how to get started! Its so simple and you will love love love it!! I know I do! So please go to my Scentsy website and click on JOIN MY TEAM just under my picture and get started!! You wont want to miss out on being among the very first consultants in your country!!!! I want to see so many of you succeed and I want to help you get there. So please take a look around my website too and see a little more about what scentsy is all about!! And feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have!! I look forward to hearing from you!!

How to Use Scentsy
Unique Scentsy warmers use a low-watt bulb to melt the specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing the fragrance time of the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick. With no flame, soot or wick, the Scentsy system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 Scentsy fragrances. Due to the low-wattage lightbulb, the wax never gets hot enough to burn, so it is safe to use around children and pets.

How to use a Scentsy warmer

Plug it in. Turn it on.

Place one or more sections of your Scentsy Bar into the dish.

Enjoy the Scentsy feeling!

How to change a Scentsy fragrance

Completely melt the wax in the dish.

Pour the melted wax into its original packaging to reform the wax.

Clean dish with a paper towel.

Store used bar in a cool place or discard.