Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scentsy coming to the UK & Germany!!

Its official!! Scentsy has launched in the UK and Germany and  consultants are signing up right now!! Be one of the very first to become a Scentsy consultant and see just how BIG this company is and will effect your life in the best way possible!! Its so easy to do, just go to my website (  and click on JOIN MY TEAM (or click here!! to get there)!! You wont want to miss this amazing opportunity!!

Germany Scentsy Starter Kit (only €99 - VAT inclusive)
UK Scentsy Starter Kit (only £85 - VAT inclusive)  Getting started is simple!
Contact me for more information on how to sign up or with questions you may have.

Take charge of your future, join Scentsy today. Join Scentsy for only $99 US. Join Scentsy Canada for only $119. Join Scentsy UK for only £85. Join Scentsy Germany for only €99.

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