Monday, March 7, 2011

Scentsy coming to the UK and Germany April 4th!!

Scentsy has come out with a new date for the opening of Scentsy in the UK and Germany. The planned launch date is April 4, 2011. This is super exciting to see the growth of this company! To answer any of your questions regarding the new launch date and any thing else, simply go to this link ~ or read about it below!

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That’s right—Scentsy is moving into Europe in April! After a lot of research, many exploratory meetings, tons of feedback, and one parking ticket in Prague (you can ask Orville about that), we have decided to launch in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Germany. We are working on catalogs, Starter Kits, enrollment documents, and all the other tools we will need to launch with a product offering tailored to our new market. We’ll be hosting “welcome meetings” in selected cities throughout the U.K. and Germany, and if our previous interactions with potential Consultants are any indication, Scentsy is poised to grow organically and virally—the same way it has in the United States and Canada.

We’re excited, and we know you are, too. This site will be your guide to our European expansion: you’ll be able to find answers to frequently asked questions, check our map of current and future expansion locations, and discover how to get more information. We’ll keep this site updated regularly as we have more developments.

Are your guests coming?

The preparations are in full swing and the invitations have been sent! We’re so excited about seeing you at the welcome meetings in Germany and the U.K., but we need your help to ensure everyone gets a chance to attend.

It is not too late to invite your potential contacts in the United Kingdom and Germany! See the Welcome Meeting link above for exact times and locations, and either invite your contacts to attend the most convenient meeting for them, or send a request for an invitation to When requesting an invitation, please provide your name and Consultant ID number, and your contact’s name and email address along with their meeting preference.

Scentsy’s home office team is looking forward to introducing Scentsy on your behalf. Please follow up with your guests to make sure they received their emailed invitations to the welcome meetings and encourage them to register and bring their friends!

You can also visit my page on Facebook!!!/group.php?gid=149054288253
If you or anyone you know of is interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant please visit my website and click on JOIN MY TEAM tab, then follow the simple steps and thats it! You will be a Scentsy consultant and receive your start up kit shortly right to your front door!! This is such an exciting time and you won't want to miss out on the amazing opportunity of becoming a consultant!! It will become such a huge blessing in your life, just as it has mine! You can work out of the comfort of your own home, the hours that you choose and get a great pay check too!! Visit my website to see more about Scentsy or contact me for more info, leave a comment. Also all my contact info is on my website too!! I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our Rescently Wickless team!!

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