Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun things coming!!

Last month Scentsy had a promotion going on where you could vote on which old, discontinued scents you wanted brought back. Well the voting in done and here is the list of scents coming back for the month of July ONLY!! This is so exciting, and its never been done before!! OK here it is!!!

Watermelon patch
Strawberry sweetie
Sizzlin' coconut
Fried ice cream
Key lime tortilla
Newborn Nursery
Luscious lemon
Banana nut bread
Apples and Pears
French vanilla
pumpkin pie
blackberry bushel
cheerful day
pink plumeria passion

Don't they all sound so yummy!!!!! I can't wait to try them all. Some of them are new to me, just because they have never had them siince opening up here is Canada, but I did have a few of them from buying them from my cousin in the states a few years ago! Dont miss out, they are only here for the month of July!!! So stock up fast!!!! I know I will be!

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