Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great Scent event for July only!!

Scentsy has decided for the month of July ONLY to make available 20 scents that were available in previous catalogues but are not available now. All of these scents were ones that Canada did not get to try out as Scentsy was not open here yet when these bars were being sold.

They will be available for order July1-July 31st only. Only available in bars.I will be ordering one of each and having a get together at my house as soon as I get them in to let you come sniff for yourself and place your order before they disappear again!

Here is the list of scents and their descriptions.

Super great month to book a party so your guests can order from these exclusive scents.

Apples & Pears – Pears come first, then crisp fall apples. Fall/Winter. SB-ANP

Banana Nut Bread – Right from the oven with ripe bananas, nuts and spices. Bakery. SB-BNB

Blackberry Bushel – Juicy, ripe, bursting blackberries. Fruits and Flowers. SB-BKS

Cappuccino – Warm cup of espresso with frothy steamed milk and creamy vanilla. Scentsy Favorites SB-CAP

Cashmere – Sheer floral bouquet combines Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley and bergamot. Romance. SB-CAS

Cheerful Day – Sunny lemon, white grapefruit and mandarin with French verbena and wildflowers. SB-CHE

Eggnog – Warm spicy tones of nutmeg, rum and cream, this scent is a real holiday favorite. Fall/Winter. SB-EGG

Eucalyptus – Soothing, medicinal and fresh. Nature. SB-EUC

French Vanilla – Sweet, buttery vanilla. Bakery. SB-FVA

Fried Ice Cream – Vanilla with nutty touch along with cinnamon and caramel. Bakery. SB-FIC

Key Lime Tortilla – Lime and Kiwi combine for a south of the border sweet treat. Scent of the Month. SB-KLT

Leather – Rich leather scent reminiscent of an old-fashioned leather shop. Spring/Summer. SB-LEA

Luscious Lemon – Light, creamy lemon. Fruits & Flowers. SB-LUS

Mysterious – Spicy, fresh and woody, this masculine fragrance evokes strength and vitality. Romance. SB-MYS

Newborn Nursery – Dreamy scent that evokes memories of cradling your little ones. Favorites. SB-NEW

Pink Plumeria Passion – Exotic pink plumeria and orchid combined with passionfruit and a hint of apples. SB-PKP

Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Fall/Winter. SB-PUM

Sizzlin’ Coconut – Tempting mix of cinnamon, coconut milk and rich vanilla. Bakery. SB-SIZ

Strawberry Sweetie – A fruity delight of juicy strawberries sprinkled with sugar and vanilla. Fruits & Flowers. SB-SBS

Watermelon Patch – Sweet, vine-ripened watermelon. Fruits & Flowers. SB-WMP

$5 each U.S./ $6 each Canada, Available in multi-packs

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