Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Transition time at Scentsy!

Its August! And you know what that means....10% off of everything in the current catalog! There is so many changes going on and will be availible in September.
1st off here is a list of the discontinued items that will NOT be in the fall/winter catalog. If you have any favorites make sure you get them before they are gone!!

2nd... check out the new catalog coming next month and all the fun and exciting changes that is has!! I can't wait to get my hands on the fragrance foam, the Scentsy Buddies and all the new scents that are coming!!

Another thing I'm excited about is the new warmer coming in September... a warmer that is truely Canadian!!! It's called Montpelier And the Scent to go with it is Maple Butter. Both of these are 10% off for the month of September and they will go fast!! Let me know if you want one so I can get your order in before we have to wait for back orders to come!! Hope you like it!!

If Scentsy is something you would love to sell, this is the time to start!! Right now when you sign up, you will get the transition tester along with the regular testers for no extra cost! That's a great savings!! Also Scentsy will change your life! It is an amazing company to work for and the products basically sell themselves!! Whether you want to make alot of $$ selling these or just for fun, Scentsy is a great opportunity  and will bless your life in many ways!! Hope you like these new products!!

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