Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scentsy Family announces a NEW Brand!

Well I am home now from Los Vegas where I attended this years Scentsy convention. It was so fun to hear first hand what the new brand is and the new products coming soon in the new fall/winter catalog! The new Brand is called Grace Adele. It is a line of hand bags and jewelry! It is so nice and if you love handbags you are going to love the new Grace Adele line!! You can design your own look and then add to your own look what jewelry you want to ear so you look sophisticated and put together! So simple to do and looks amazing! I know this is going to be a hit and everyone is going to love LOVE this new line! Here is a peak at Grace Adele and if you want to go to my website and design your own look you can! and if you want to be one of the very first Grace Adele consultants click on join my team to do so.
HERE is the US Grace Adele catalog
Here is the Canada Grace Adele catalog

Another thing coming soon to Scentsy is Sincerely Scent. This is a line of greeting cards that you can personalize and send directly to anyone you choose to. You can even set a date a year in advance for this to be sent to a loved one. This way you never have to worry about forgetting someones birthday or anniversary or any special occasion!! So simple and they smell great too! You can choose what you want your card to smell like!

There are a ton of other things coming to the fall/winter catalog too so go HERE to check them all out and to view the catalog!This is the Canada catalog
Here are some more Grace Adele photos for you to enjoy!!

Here is the US catalog!

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